How to share train ?
Step 1 - Click on train booster menu and it will take you to the token page if you have no active train token , if it does then click on Step 1 button as below. (Guessing you are logged in into facebook with your profile that is going to do train)

Step 2 - Then allow all permissions to the app that is asking permission

Step 3 - Then you will be taken to an error page , copy the FULL URL of that page

Step 4 - Come back and paste it in token box and submit

Step 5 - Now select train group from the list

Step 6 - Now select train post and click RIDE

Step 7 - You will see list of train links , click on START SHARING

Step 8 - Select page , set a dropping time or leave it blank to start dropping in 5 minute , caption is optional , set a time interval , set time for autodelete , set shuffle to shuffle the train link while posting on each page and then hit SCHEDULE.

To change train profile or update token of train profile go to TRAIN BOOSTER and click ADD/UPDATE train token.